If you have ever attended a weight loss class, they will have told you to avoid cheese, but this Top Trump, could be the secret to weight loss...

One of the first things recommended during a popular weight loss programme is to ditch the caffeine. But is this actually advice that will benefit weight loss?


For years we have been told that it is absolutely vital that we start the day off with breakfast before we leave the house. The majority of the time, the first breakfast option that comes to mind is a bowl of cereal. 

But could a breakfast cereal, such as muesli, that is marketed as being "healthy" actually be detrimental to weight loss? Below I lay down the truth on these "healthy" breakfast cereals.

1. Muesli Is High In Carbohydrates

From a weight loss point of view, the most effective way to bring the body out of storage mode and allow access to...

One of the first foods I include in my weight loss programme is Greek Yoghurt. Read on to see why this high fat creamy snack gets a 5-star rating from me

Nowadays, there is so much confusion about what is actually the right way to go about losing weight. In this article I will clear up 5 common weight loss myths

Fry light is a commonly used spray in a popular weight loss programme, but I have a better alternative...

An oily fish, packed full of vitamins, minerals and protein find out why incorporating mackerel into your diet can speed up weight loss

Losing weight isn't an easy task, but there may be certain things that you are doing that are preventing you from achieving your goal.

Butter has been demonised and we have been told to avoid it. But could this food kickstart our body into fat burning mode resulting in weight loss?

September 17, 2017

For decades we have been told we must avoid high fat foods, in particular saturated fat. But does cutting out fat from the diet limit our ability to burn fat?

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