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Since the dietary guidelines came out in the 70’s foods high in fat such as Butter have been demonised and we have been told to avoid them.

However, when it comes to an effective weight loss food, butter gets a 5 Star rating from me and here are a few reasons why….

1. Butter is a great source of Vitamin A

A fat-soluble vitamin that is essential to maintaining a healthy diet. Studies have repeatedly shown that antioxidants like vitamin A are very beneficial to our health.

The main benefits of vitamin A include:

  • Contributes to healthy immune function

  • It is essential for normal vision

  • The antioxidant properties ensure healthy maintenance of our skin

2. Butter is high in Vitamin E

Another fat-soluble vitamin, which for those who take their skincare very seriously will see included in almost every anti-aging skincare product.

The main benefits of vitamin E include:

  • The antioxidant properties of vitamin E reduce what is known as oxidative stress and fight off free radicals. This aids in the maintenance of healthy skin. Save yourself some money on skincare products and throw some butter in your scrambled eggs instead...

3. Butter contains a good amount of saturated fat

When the dietary guidelines came out in the 70's, one of the main elements of our diet we were told to look out for and reduce was saturated fat. If anyone has ever started a popular weight loss diet or healthy eating programme, the first thing they will have been told by their nutritionist or personal trainer is to cut saturated fat right down.

However, this popular weight loss advice couldn't be further from the truth... For example, even in the governments healthy eating "Eat Well Guide" butter (high in saturated fat) is put in the same category as food such as "chocolate, cakes, biscuits, full sugar soft drinks and ice cream", with their advice being "check the label and avoid foods high in fat.

Recent research shows that actually increasing the amount of saturated fat in our diet isn't detrimental to our health at all and is actually very beneficial to our health.

And here are a couple of reasons why...

- Increasing the amount of fat in the diet, including saturated fat actually increases our ability to burn fat. For example in a study carried out by Dr Jeff Volek in 2015, when athletes consumed a diet high in fat vs a diet low in fat, the athletes eating a diet high in fat were burning twice as much fat than the athletes eating a diet low in fat. (Figure 1)

Fat Burner Ability

Figure 1: Athletes ability to burn fat when comparing a High Carbohydrate/LowFat diet to a High Fat/Low Carbohydrate diet

- A higher saturated fat intake in the diet leads to an increase in HDL (good) cholesterol.

As our levels of HDL cholesterol increase, this results in a decrease in our risk of heart attack, stroke, type 2 diabetes and various other diseases.

For more information as to why we should actually increase the amount of saturated fat in our diet and how saturated fat can contribute to weight loss and healthy living read my previous article on Why Saturated Fat Is Your Friend Not Your Foe

4. Butter tastes great!

Why miss out on such a tasty food item based on poor weight loss advice... Throw it in your eggs, fry your veg with it and enjoy your food again.

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