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If you have ever attended a weight loss class, such as a slimming world or weight watchers they will have told you to limit your consumption of cheese due to its high calorie and fat content. You will have been advised to make sure that if you are selecting cheese, to make sure that it is a reduced fat cheese.

However, by going with the reduced fat option, not only are you compromising on the fantastic taste of a good cheese, but you're also missing out on the main health benefit of cheese.

The fat.

Read on to see how including full fat cheese in your diet can actually enhance your body's ability to burn fat and kickstart the weight loss process.

1. Cheese Is High In Fat

From a weight loss perspective, an effective weight loss strategy is to limit the stimulation of the hormone insulin. When levels of insulin are raised, any access to our body fat stores are shut off for a period of time as insulin is the storage hormone in the body.

Both carbohydrates and to an extent protein stimulate the release of insulin. However, fat is the only macronutrient (food group) that does not stimulate insulin. Therefore when we consume a food high in fat, such as cheese, without the presence of carbohydrate, we do not stimulate insulin, thus allowing access to our fat stores.

Whatever we consistently give the body it will burn and use as its main source of fuel. Therefore, if we consistently provide the body with carbohydrates, the body will run predominantly on carbohydrates, however if we switch the source of fuel and supply the body with what we want it to burn (fat), fat will then become the main source of fuel in the body and our ability to burn fat triples.

A common question I get is "but isn't cheese high in saturated fats?". The answer is yes, the majority of the fat contained in cheese is made up of saturated fat and from a fat burning perspective that's great. For more information on why saturated fat is your friend not your foe, click here.

2. Cheese Is High In B12

Especially in meat-free diets, a vitamin B12 deficiency can be seen. It is estimated that 15% of the American population may be deficient in B12.

The main function of B12 is to help with the production of red blood cells, thus aiding the transportation of oxygen around the body. A lack of B12 can result in a constant feeling of tiredness and fatigue.

Cheese is a great source of B12 and consuming more cheese is a very easy way to get more vitamin B12 into the diet.

3. Cheese Is A Good Source Of Protein

Although the majority of the calories in cheese come from fat, 25% of the energy present in cheese comes in the form of protein, containing a high proportion of Essential Amino Acids.

Essential Amino Acids are amino acids that cannot be produced by the body, so must come via the diet. But more importantly, cheese is particularly high in the Branched Chain Amino Acid (BCAA) Leucine.

The present of Leucine in the body is the main trigger of the muscle growth process. When it comes to an effective weight loss programme, increasing the body's muscle mass can enhance the body's ability to burn fat. For more information on why increasing muscle mass can enhance fat burning click here

4. Cheese Is A Great Option To Snack On During The Day

Cheese is high in both protein and fat. Foods high in protein and fat take longer to digest than foods high in protein. Therefore the fact that these foods are still lingering around in the bloodstream indicate to the body that there is enough energy present to work with, therefore this delays the release of hunger hormones.

If you are looking for a way to prevent sudden bursts of hunger that can interfere with your working day, cheese is a great option to turn to.

It is easy to carry around with you if you are constantly on the move and easy to store if you are stuck in the office all day.

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