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One of the first foods I include in my weight loss programme is Greek Yoghurt. This creamy diverse food can be used as a breakfast or a quick and easy snack to help curb hunger cravings and get you through the day.

There are so many health benefits to this fantastic food and below I list out a few reasons why I have given this creamy snack a 5-star rating and why it should be at the top of your list when starting out a weight loss programme.

1. Greek Yoghurt Keeps You Full

Greek Yoghurt is a fantastic source of both protein and fat. Foods high in protein and fat keep you fuller for a longer period of time than foods high in carbohydrates.

This is because unlike sugar, which is cleared out of the blood system very quickly, protein and fat hang around for a bit longer. This relays a signal to the brain that there is still food energy in the blood stream and there is no need for you to go out and find more food (eat more).

As a result, the brain delays the release of the hormones that tell you that you are hungry, hence you don't get hungry.

This means that choosing Greek yoghurt as a option as opposed to other yoghurts that are high in sugar and low in fat or a sugary breakfast cereal can help avoid the urge of reaching for that mid-morning snack when sugar levels drop thus helping with weight loss.

So if you want to adopt a diet that prevents you from being hungry and keeps you full for a greater period of the day, Greek yoghurt is an excellent choice.

2. Greek Yoghurt Contain Gut Health Boosting Probiotics

There are millions of bacteria in the gut that carry out all sorts of functions to allow us to survive. Altering the kind of foods that you consume in the diet can have a direct effect on the environment in our gut.

Greek yoghurt contains probiotics, probiotics are live bacteria cultures that directly add to the bacteria in our gut. One of the main benefits of adding probiotics to your diet and improving the diversity of your gut is the effect on boosting your immune system.

However from a weight loss point of view, negative changes in the gut bacteria (eating poorly) have shown to reduce sensitivity to the appetite hormone leptin. This means that you are less satisfied following a meal and can increase your feelings of hunger.

As a result, this could lead to you wanting to consume more food and over-eating. Therefore, including Greek yoghurt in your weight loss programme can improve feelings of fullness due to the improved diversity of bacteria in the gut.

3. Greek Yoghurt Helps Preserve & Build Muscle

Greek yoghurt is high in protein and including high protein foods in your diet may not have a direct effect on fat burning, but they can help preserve lean muscle.

Following exercise, a high protein meal can help facilitate the training that you have just done, ensuring that the body starts to create more lean tissue as opposed to breaking it down.

So how does this tie in with weight loss?

If your body is in a calorie deficit and busy creating new muscle it isn’t going to break down muscle tissue for fuel. As a result the body is more likely to break down body fat and preserve lean muscle. For more information on why weight loss is about the quality of weight lost as opposed to the quantity click here.

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