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"My fiancé has recently used Callum’s services and undertaken his weight loss programme. He has always struggled with weight gain and him creating a sustainable lifestyle and a healthy weight has always been a contentious issue in our relationship. 


Over the course of the programme he has lost a staggering 4 stone in 12 weeks and continues to lose additional weight and inches. I honestly can’t recommend Callum Walker enough, being introduced to his services really has been life changing and has generated results which really were unimaginable. From the bottom of my heart thank you for what you have helped us to achieve." 


  • How to make a very subtle change in your diet, turning your body into a fat-burning machine.

  • Why you hit the weight loss plateau and how to break through it with ease.  

  • How to apply the secret of fat loss to your lifestyle, allowing you to still enjoy your social life.

  • That by changing your diet and lifestyle, not only will you lose weight but also, your overall health improves massively, meaning that your risk of diseases such as Type 2 Diabetes can almost disappear.

  • Why you get those cravings for sugary snacks and how by switching things up you can watch them disappear and get on with your day.

"I lost 2 stone in 8 weeks and felt on top of the world - but what really made the difference was the guidance he gave my son to gain weight, eat well and just generally a positive influence and Perfect mentor and coach.

Words cannot express how much he has done for us. For anyone considering his services - it’s the best investment you can make - he gives knowledge for life and a way to succeed that remains way beyond the time spent with Callum."


Have you tried EVERY diet under the sun and come to the conclusion that losing weight just isn't going to happen for you?

Have you been to Slimming World, done Weight Watchers, tried the shakes and not quite received the results you were looking for? 

How would you like to ditch the diets, Fad's & products and gain access to the true scientific secret to fat loss used by the worlds best athletes, celebrities & CEO's and apply this secret to your own body in only 90 minutes?


Clients that have adopted the simple scientific approach to losing weight, have lost on average, a stone every 4 weeks, without a plateau in sight.




"Callum has been an unbelievable find for me. I can't complain about my life up to last September but overeating and drinking too much had caught up to me and I really needed to lose weight. In Callum, I have a fabulous mentor, a compassionate and understanding coach and most of all a friend who really cares about seeing me achieve the result I set out to achieve.


I have lost 6 stone in weight and a further 2 stone to go but I have no reservations about achieving that with Callum's support...and I have no reservations in saying that if you engage Callum's services, you will have zero regrets and quickly see result."


If you tick ANY of the boxes below, booking onto this seminar should be the first thing on your To-Do list

  • You have been on a diet ever since you can remember.

  • You're fed up of all of the mixed information of what you should and shouldn't eat. 

  • You have a wardrobe full of beautiful clothes that you haven't been able to wear in years.

  • You don't feel happy or comfortable with how you look right now and want to feel like you again.

  • You want a way of eating that not only provides you with results but is also long-term and sustainable.

  • You are a sociable person, attending events & functions and find that your social life can make sticking to a diet impossible.

  • You are very busy and don't have time to cook and prepare meals throughout the day, so sticking to a diet can be hard.






  • A food list containing items that have been carefully selected to scientifically kickstart your body into fat-burning mode.

  • A selection of easy to cook 10-minute recipes, that will satisfy you, but more importantly, train your body to run on its fat stores.


How would you like to achieve the same life-changing results as the hundreds of people that have attended my seminars?

For just £49 you will receive the knowledge of how you can use the scientific secret of fat loss and finally put endless years of dieting to bed.

Click below to make the first step towards long term dieting success.


Select the date below that you wish to attend

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